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Pryde [AXM] // London is burning

NINJAS (and Brits) ONLY
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Not sure if I need to leave a comment, but I'm hoping I make the cut. *crosses fingers*

You're already friended, weirdo. ;) *hugs*

Warrick can bounce me any day. ;)

(Deleted comment)
Isn't he just. :> I'll add you ASAP!

"I see how it is. You're looking forward to throwing down with me at the craps table next weekend. Looking good, Sasa."

"Kay. I'll supply the ice cream sundaes. (Makin' me upload more icons......)"

"Sounds good. Will there still be the beating up of things and stealing of hood ornaments?"

"Of course...what else are you gonna give your fridge ants to eat..."

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be busy with the NAB convention?"

"Ha ha you even know what that stands for?"

"It stands for Warrick is looking for a way to escape work for a few days and Sara doesn't blame him."

Ooh, can I be a mad scientist too?? :)

Oh, I suppoooooooose so. ;) Aussie Mad Scientists rock the joint.

Hey this is Cassiline from TCF. Was going to add you on LJ

(Deleted comment)
Permission granted, you can board any time. ;)

(Deleted comment)
Don't get all weird about it. :D

Because I'm finally updating my big damn journal. Caution, it's a library utopia and Dr. Whovian heavy.

Welcome aboard, lieutenant. ;) I have selective reading when it comes to things Whovian, don't worry. I glaze past it on Patrick's journal, too. LOL. Not that that one updates his journal regularly either.

There are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets; this is the latter.

What do you call this?

(Deleted comment)
Make an angry post and maybe I'll friend you again. ;)

Hey there, it's Gaia over at TCF. Adding ya.

Poptart. Friend. I add you, you add me. Right?

Hey there! Adding you at agentcabanas's recommendation. Just spreading the Hellion and Elixir love.

Of course, of course! Kris speaks highly of you, and anyone who loves Julian for the charming bastard that he is is cool with me. ;)

(Deleted comment)
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