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agirlandherguns's Journal

Just a girl and her guns.
27 November
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27, aaron ashmore, abigail whistler, accents, alexander keith's, anna paquin, antiques, archery research, art, arwen, assassins, assassins for hire, atlanta, battlestar galactica, blade trinity, bobby drake, boston boys, brits, bsg, canada, candy, cannonball, care packages, celtic music, chai, christian bale, cigars, colonial fleet, costume design, costuming, csi, cyclops, cylons, darkness, diet coke, dragon*con, drawing, drummers, elektra, elves, emeralds, eomer, evanesence, farscape, galactica, gnawing, grissom/sara, gsr, gucci envy, guinness, hannibal king, hating michelle trachenberg, helo, hermione granger, hiphuggers, hoodies, horses, iceman, indie films, insomnia, ireland, james marsden, james marsden's singing, jean grey, jen connelly, jesse custer, jessica biel, jimmy eat world, kara thrace, katanananananas, kitty pryde, larp, leather, lee adama, lightning, lily elle, lily of the valleys, liv tyler, lockheed, lord of the rings, makeup, marie d'ancanto, memento, mortal kombat, nicknames, nifty mousepads, oakleys, paintball, pesto, pete wisdom, phoenixes, pilates, pixie cuts, playlists, preacher, prop replica, prosthetics, psylocke, pubcrawling, punk, purple, pyramid diving, rain, redheads, rogue, rogue streaks, ron weasley, rp, ruby quartz, ryan reynolds, sambuca, saosin, sara sidle, sarcasm, scott summers, seattle, sephora, sex, shadowcat, shawn ashmore, shopping, southerners, special effects, starbuck, starbuck/apollo, stoicism, stoli, suvs, tea, the danger room, the english patient, thunderstorms, tonic, toronto, twizzlers, ultimate x-men, wearing black, writing, x-men, x2